Ways Tourism Industry can benefit from Digital Signage

04 April 2018,By BrandMe Advertising


Digital signage has been benefitting various industries and businesses. Due to the immense amount of advantages that digital signage offers, every industry is adopting signage services. Through digital signage, there is now a unique for every business to connect with its potential audience. Right from retail to healthcare, many industries are beginning to leverage the advantages of digital signage.

With the trend increasing, even travel and tourism industry are now adopting use of digital signage in order to help travellers explore new destinations. It is also a new way to interact with the tourists in order to make their experience all the more better.

Below listed are some techniques that can help the tourism industry take advantage of digital signage. Read below to find out how:


With the help of digital signage, tourists can easily navigate about their destinations and can help travellers to explore about the new areas and places. Signage offers interactive information, thus making the entire experience amazing for the tourists. Through its wayfinding abilities, it has become stress-free for travellers to know about the new lures in the nearby locality. Not only this, wayfinding also helps in finding out the direct route from point A to B. the user-friendly experience that it offers tourists makes digital signage absolutely worth the investment. Many signage companies in Dubai have started to design digital signage products for the tourism industry.

Offers Wi-Fi

Offering Wi-Fi services offers a value to your business and at the same time offers connectivity in the entire destination. It is an attractive way to make travellers use digital signage, especially for those who want free Wi-Fi in their cell phones. Digital signage can also send push notifications on the mobile phones once the Wi-Fi is connected.

Helps in sharing news

Signage services can help tourists to know more about a particular destination. It also helps travellers to make sound and better travel decisions by providing them live data and information. This can help the travellers gain up-to-date information about everything. Be it the climate, local news or any other upcoming news digital signage can benefit both the travel agency and the tourists.

Endorsing local businesses and shops

Digital signage offers a promotion podium for local industries. By introducing the travellers to the nearby shops and restaurants, digital signage helps the local shops increase their income.

Collecting data

By gathering data through signage, companies can find out ways to improve their performances. Digital signage can be used to collect data and study more about users. The data gathered can help to find out the response from tourists and to measure the return on investment.

We hope this article was useful for you. Dubai being the hub of tourism industry, digital signage should be definitely adopted by the tourist industry here. There are many signage advertising companies in Dubai that can offer amazing digital signage services.